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Earn $$$ « Cupid's Classifieds
EARN $$$ With CupidsClassifieds.com

Earn $$$

Yes that’s right you can earn money with CupidsClassifieds.com by purchasing one or all four of our reseller accounts:

The way that it works is simple, you purchase a reseller account which will contain multiples of 20 or 50 account profiles. These profiles can either be the 30 day or 90 day expanded profiles. You purchase these group profiles at up to a 75% discount, sell them for whatever you desire and the difference is YOUR profit.


We do have some suggested guidelines:

Since your purchasing a product from us we can only suggest that you follow these simple suggestions to help ensure your reselling experience is successful:

  • Sell each profile somewhere between your price and our price to ensure that your customer receives a value for doing business with you!
  • Be available to your profile clients to answer and resolve any of their concerns. By providing this service you build trust that will bring down barriers upon the renewal of the client’s profile.
  • Stay in touch with your profile clients to ensure that YOU receive their renewal listing, thus you make even more $$$ into the future.
  • Never mislead or abuse your reseller and client profiles, doing so will only jeopardize your reseller business.

As a new reseller, you should have fun making additional money to pay your bills!